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Defending Against Theft and Burglary Charges with Julian Doby

In the realm of property crimes, charges like theft and burglary carry significant consequences that can impact your future. Julian Doby, with over 26 years of experience in criminal defense in Southport, NC, and surrounding areas, offers diligent defense strategies tailored to each case, striving to protect your rights and seek the most favorable outcomes.

Key Differences Between Theft and Burglary

Theft involves unlawfully taking someone else’s property with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of it. Burglary, on the other hand, refers to entering a building illegally with the intent to commit a crime inside, typically theft. Julian Doby defends clients against a range of charges, from minor thefts to major burglary allegations.

Proven Defense Strategies for Theft and Burglary Cases

  • Proven Defense Strategies for Theft and Burglary Cases

    Julian Doby utilizes several effective defense tactics in theft and burglary cases:

    • Questioning the Intent: Arguing that the intent to steal or commit a felony was absent.
    • Lack of Evidence: Highlighting the insufficiency of evidence linking you to the crime.
    • Mistaken Identity: Addressing cases where misidentification may have occurred.
    • Wrongful Accusations: Defending clients who have been wrongfully accused based on circumstantial evidence.

    Commitment to Protecting Your Future

    Handling a theft or burglary charge requires not only understanding the law but also a strong commitment to client advocacy. Julian Doby works tirelessly to manage the issues of each case, ensuring a defense strategy that aligns with your best interests.

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I do immediately after being arrested for theft or burglary?

It is crucial to contact Julian Doby without delay. Early involvement in your case allows Julian to begin crafting a defense strategy immediately, potentially influencing the outcome in your favor.

How can Julian Doby help if I’m accused of burglary?

Julian assesses all aspects of the accusations, from the legality of the entry to the presence of intent and other required elements of a burglary charge. His approach focuses on dismantling weak points in the prosecution’s case.

What are the possible consequences of a theft or burglary conviction?

The penalties can range from fines and restitution to incarceration, depending on the severity of the charge and your criminal history. Julian Doby aims to minimize these potential consequences through diligent legal representation.


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